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Guest Scientist: Dr Michael Rhodes, Director of Advanced Applications and Sequencing Commercialization, Nanostring (USA)

17th March 2017 (Friday)  |  1030 - 1130 AM (IMR), Auditorium Ungku Omar  |  300 - 400 PM (UMBI, Bilik Seminar, Level 5)

Title: 3D Biology™ Technology Enables New Insights through Simultaneous Counting of DNA, RNA & Protein

Q&A session immediately following seminar


The ability to measure changes in DNA, RNA and protein is crucial to developing a comprehensive understanding of biology in the genomics era. NanoString Technologies has developed the nCounter® Analysis System for use in high resolution multi-parameter analysis of biomolecules - the ability to measure any combination of DNA, RNA and protein simultaneously using a single detector from a sample of limited volume and concentration.

(1) 1030 - 1130 AM: Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Auditorium Ungku Omar

(2) 300 - 400 AM at UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI), Bilik Seminar, Level 5)