Nanostring Hallmarks-of-Cancer Gene Expression Series

For Targeted Pathway Profiling, Unleash the power of digital gene expression today!

Based on Direct, Digital, Non-amplified Nucleic Acid Counting Technology

How it works
PanCancer 770-
plex Hallmarks-of-Cancer Gene Expression panels
PanCancer Pathway
“How the tumor starts”
gene list
PanCancer Immune Profiling
“How the body responds”
gene list
PanCancer Progression
“How the tumor progresses”
gene list
Hallmarks of Cancer
This 66-page, 2013 Cell Press Collection features a next-generation review, a perspective on tumor stroma, six snapshots and a special Hallmarks poster.
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See what other researchers say about Nanostring
In this paper, the authors evaluated the usage of Nanostring technology on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. They demonstrated that Nanostring offers several key advantages, including sensitivity, reproducibility, technical robustness, and utility for clinical application.
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Simple Workflow
NanoString’s Technology employs two ~50 base probes per mRNA that hybridize in solution. The Reporter Probe carries the signal; the Capture Probe allows the complex to be immobilized for data collection. After hybridization, the excess probes are removed and the probe/target complexes aligned and immobilized in the nCounter Cartridge. Sample Cartridges are placed in the Digital Analyzer for data collection. Color codes on the surface of the cartridge are counted and tabulated for each target molecule..
pancancer Panel contents
pancancer pathway
770 Essential Genes Representing 13 Canonical Pathways
606 Pathway Genes:
Notch, Wnt, Hedgehog, TGFB, MAPK, STAT, P13K, RAS, Chromatin Modification, Transcriptional Regulation, DNA Damage Control, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis
124 cancer driver genes
40 reference genes
Customize with Panel-Plus option flexibility to include 30 genes of your choice
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pancancer progression
770 Genes to Evaluating Metastasis
227 Angiogenesis Genes: Coagulation process, VEGFA signaling, Angiogenic sprouting
269 Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Genes: Epithelial genes, Mesenchymal genes, Adhesion pathways, Motility genes
254 Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Remodeling Genes: Remodeling mechanisms, ECM Structural Components
173 Metastasis Genes: Metabolism Pathways, Hypoxia Response, Proliferation Processes, Metastasis Suppressor Genes
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pancancer immune profiling
770 Genes To Profiling Cancer Immunology
109 genes to cell surface markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations
30 genes for commonly studied CT Antigens
Over 500 genes for measuring immune response
40 Reference Genes (including 30 overlapping controls with the PanCancer Pathways Panel)
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