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  • G-Series: Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

    Semi-Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

  • G-Series: Human Angiogenesis Array G1000

    RayBio® G-Series Human Angiogenesis Antibody Array 1000 Kit. A combination of Human Angiogenesis Antibody Array G1 & G2. Detects 43 Human Angiogenic Factors. Suitable for all liquid sample types.

  • G-Series: Human Apoptosis Array G1

    RayBio® G-Series Human Apoptosis Antibody Array 1 Kit. Detects 43 Human Apoptotic Factors. Suitable for all liquid sample types but intended for use with cell and tissue lysates.

  • GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler

    Heterogeneity Resolved with Specificity 

  • LEGENDplex™ Multiplex Bead Assays

  • nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Immune Assays

    Quantify protein and gene expression in one experiment with nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Immune Assays. Our immune assays are designed to complement our 770-plex immune-focused mRNA panel for in-depth characterization of up to 800 total targets:

  • NovoCyte Penteon Flow Cytometer

    When Exceptional Performance Meets Simplicity

  • Peprotech Product Portfolio

    • Growth Factors and Cytokines

    • Chemokines

    • Neurotrophins

    • Proteases

    • Animal-Free Cytokines

    • Antigen Affinity Purified Polyclonal Antibodies

    • Monoclonal Antibodies

    • Control Antibodies

    • Standard ELISA Development Kits

    • Mini ELISA Development Kits

    • Cell Culture Media, Supplement Kits and Supplement Components
  • Peprotech's Profile

    For more than 20 years PeproTech has focused on the development and manufacturing of high-quality recombinant cytokine products for life-science research.

    In 2008, we expanded our production capabilities to include a state-of-the-art 5,000 sq ft (465 m2) animal-free manufacturing facility.

    In 2010 we added an ISO7-certified clean room.

    Today PeproTech is a world leader in the production of E.Coli, insect and mammalian cell-derived recombinant proteins, their monoclonal / polyclonal antibodies, ELISA development kits and other cytokine-related reagents. PeproTech is committed to offering the highest level of customer service and technical support.

    To help you succeed, our knowledgeable scientists and technical staff are available to provide excellent first-hand technical support and advice in person, via email or by phone.

    With over 2,000 products manufactured in-house, PeproTech has developed and refined innovative protocols to ensure activity, reliability and consistency. We encourage and welcome feedback from scientists in both academia and industry, so that we continue to meet the needs and expectations of the life sciences community.

    Our products are sold through our website, our global network of PeproTech customer-service offices and licensed local distributors.

    We work exclusively with Genomax Technologies to serve research communities in Malaysia.

  • Peprotech's Resources

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    Cell Culture Brochure Stem Cell Brochure Alzheimer Brochure
    peprotehc hESC peprotech neuroscience peprotech elisa genomax
    Feeder-Free for hECS Neuroscience Brochure ELISA Brochure


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