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nanostring plexset

Enabling High-Plex Expression Analysis and Reduces Hands-on Time as Compared to qPCR.

Multiplexing Re-imagined 

With nCounter® PlexSet™ reagents you can simultaneously confirm CRISPR hit validations and perform phenotypic functional testing for up to 24 custom gene targets for 96 samples in one run—with a simple “lyse-and-go” protocol. No library prep or cDNA is required

iconMultiplex up to 24 custom probes across 96 samples to generate 2,304 data points per run

icon“Lyse-and-go” protocol for cells eliminates the need for RNA purification, reverse transcription, and amplification

iconDigital gene expression provides accurate reproducible results

iconNo upfront probe optimization required 

iconOnly 30 minutes of hands-on time; no need for cDNA conversion*, amplification*, or replicates

*Single cell protocol requires amplification

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